Offer smooth, personalized support directly from your Discord server


The official Zendesk integration for Discord.

The Zendesk Bot for Discord allows you to offer efficient and effective support to your customers in Discord, letting your users stay in Discord, and your agents in Zendesk.

  • Simple installation - The new integration’s installation process is simple and can be completed in a few clicks. Only a single authentication to Zendesk Support is required.

  • Direct messages with the Support Bot - Once a request is initiated, your users will interact with your support team via DM’s. None of your customer's private details will be shared in your Discord channels.

  • Collecting email address - Our integration now collects the user's email address when raising a support request. This allows the user to be identified within Zendesk so your agents have better context of who raised the ticket.

  • Ticket Forms - You can leverage ticket forms within the Discord conversation to gather the necessary information upfront, allowing your teams to understand and provide personalized help to your users faster.

  • Answer Bot - Answer Bot can now be turned on to help resolve questions by automatically providing users with article suggestions from your Guide knowledge base.

  • Improved slash commands - Customers and admins can now view all the available commands and settings for the bot within Discord, so you can quickly and easily interact with the bot.

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