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Trouble ticket software manages the organization, reporting, and resolution of trouble tickets. Without good trouble ticket software, ticketing systems can be very complex. Ticket clogs are common, as are forgotten tickets—and unhappy customers. Trouble ticket software is the solution. It ultimately enables the business to provide better customer service.

Zendesk provides plenty of innovative opportunities for a business to customize its trouble ticket system and handle ticket management with ease.

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It might be tempting to build your own in-house trouble ticket software or to use a free, open source option. Building an in-house trouble ticket system often works, but only for awhile. The more customized your system, the less likely it will be able to integrate with all the other software tools your business uses. Proprietary systems also require dedicated man hours for development and maintenance. Open source trouble ticket software, and even scaled-down freemium models of more robust, paid trouble ticket software, are popular choices for their low cost, but typically offer limited functionality and support. Innovative, modern companies today instead harness the low cost of cloud-based trouble ticket systems, which often have tiered pricing models, guaranteed security, and access to support when you need it. The best paid trouble ticket software will be agile, allowing you to seamlessly scale up as your business and user base expand.

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Customer service is the keystone of every business. Trouble ticket software is important for business that want to provide dependably great customer service. Some benefits of a trouble ticket software solution include:
  • No more lost tickets. Trouble tickets are kept in the queue as “open” until an agent responds to the customer.
  • Tiered ticketing. Not all tickets are the same priority, and some tickets need to be solved faster than others. A strong trouble ticket software solution will allow customer service managers to prioritize tickets in the way that best makes sense for your business.
  • Skill set assignments. A ticket can be routed to the agent with the best skill set to solve the problem.
Not all trouble ticket softwares offer these benefits. Research your options and choose the best fit for your needs.

The right fit for your business

Today’s leading customer service platforms, IT help desks, and trouble ticketing systems are all cloud-based and integrate with a host of other SaaS business solutions. By replacing email, open source or home-grown trouble ticketing systems with a cloud-based ticketing software provider, you enable your team to have a single, transparent view into every ticket received so that nothing ever gets lost and agents don’t duplicate tasks. Trouble ticket software puts an end to unwieldy drive-by requests, and will make it easy to track requests, incidents and problems, manage assets, streamline workflows, and create actionable reports. The best part—cloud-based trouble ticket software works from anywhere you are, allowing you to work remotely or on-the-go. The more time you’re up, the less time you’re down.

Hoe Zendesk helpt

Zendesk keeps all of your trouble tickets in one place whether those customer conversations happen via email, phone, chat, or social media. Our software is designed to help agents save time. Tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations make it easy to track, assign, and resolve trouble tickets. We know that everyone has their own way of doing business, so we made the software flexible too. Zendesk provides plenty of innovative opportunities for a business to customize its trouble ticket system and handle ticket management with ease.

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