Push to Mobile

Push to mobile

Create, automate and optimize push to mobile
Customers, who are increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated with the volume of automated messages they receive, will choose to build long-lasting relationships with companies who communicate with them via targeted, higher quality messages.

Fewer, better messages make for a better customer experience. Zendesk Connect+Outbound helps you create, automate, and optimize messages across web, SMS, email, and mobile push. And, with Outbound, you can send only the most relevant messages to your prospects and customers.

Nudge, welcome, notify, educate, retain

Many growth marketing, customer experience, and product teams use Outbound today to personalize the customer experience to attract, onboard, engage, and support customers. With built-in A/B testing and conversion tracking functionality, these teams are always improving their customer targeting and message content, all the while measuring the impact of every interaction.

What’s cool about Outbound?

Outbound enables you to build customer segments based on customer data and send proactive messages to each segment.

Here’s what’s possible:

  • Send messages via email, web, mobile push notifications, and SMS
  • Bring together various sources of customer data using Segment, Amplitude, or our API
  • A/B test different messages and channels while setting conversion goals
  • Deliver messages at various cadences—in real-time based on a customer action or at various points during a customer’s lifetime
  • Add push notifications to your mobile app. Receive incoming notification and send notifications to iOS and Android devices. Mobile browsers support push notifications from vendor platforms
  • Monitor a campaigns appearance on a mobile device
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