Zendesk Benchmark: Customer Service on the Rise Worldwide (Germany)

Report examines worldwide customer service quality by country and industry, Germany moves up to 15th position in international ranking

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / BERLIN, GERMANY - August 8, 2013 - After the quality of customer service declined last year worldwide, companies around the world reported improved customer satisfaction in the most recent quarter. This is the finding of the customer service solutions provider Zendesk (de.zendesk.com) in its latest quarterly Zendesk Benchmark Report.

In the second quarter of 2013, customer satisfaction rose worldwide by three percentage points to 81 percent, the highest value since the first quarter of 2012. With an average customer satisfaction of 81 percent, Germany is squarely in the middle of the pack. According to the report, the recovery is a result of improved customer service in industries that have typically struggled with poor service ratings, such as the financial services and insurance industries.

Germany ranks in the middle of the pack

In the current report, Germany's customer satisfaction was only good enough for a ranking in the middle of the pack (no. 15). While customer satisfaction rose in Germany by two percentage points to 81 percent, Germany was clearly beat by the neighboring countries of Poland (82 percent, rank 14), Czech Republic (87 percent, rank 7) and Denmark (89 percent, rank 5). This global comparison was led by New Zealand with an average customer satisfaction rating of 92 percent.

“Around the world, companies recognize the benefits of good service for retaining and winning customers. Customers who experience good service stay loyal to a company, more so than those who have bad experiences. That is a fact,” states Steffen Teske, Director for Central & Eastern Europe at Zendesk. „Germany holds a good position in the middle of the pack with 15th place. Gone are the days when Germany was a service backwater. However, there is still a lot to do, and we see a need to catch up, particularly in the area of self-service.”

Customer service by country compared to Q1 2013

The best service The worst service
New Zealand: 92% (-1 pp) United Arab Emirates: 58% (+5 pp)
Canada: 91% (+4 pp) South Africa: 60% (+16 pp)
Australia: 89% (+4 pp) Turkey: 68% (+3 pp)


Customer service by industry compared to Q1 2013

The best service The worst service
Education: 95% (+/-0 pp) Social Media: 64% (+2 pp)
IT Services & Consulting: 95% (-1 pp) Media & Telecommunication: 73% (+/-0 pp)
Real Estate: 94% (+/-0 pp) Entertainment & Games: 76% (+4 pp)


Self-service and mobile offerings

The latest edition of the report examines the topic of self-service and analyzes the relationship between users who know how to help themselves with existing materials and those who actively contact customer service. Worldwide, for every person who actively contacts customer service with an issue, there are four people who use self-service offerings such as forums or FAQs to help themselves – a ratio of 4:1. The higher this value, the more effective the self-service offering of a company.

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role as well. The number of consumers who use self-service offerings on their mobile devices has increased from 17 to 26 percent in the past year, i.e. by a half. However, the use of mobile self-service varies considerably across industries. While the rate is 84 percent in the media industry and 57 percent in social media, the finance and insurance industries are at only 11 percent. At the low end of the spectrum are education and software, with self-service usage rates of only 10 percent. “Customers expects the same service on their mobile devices as on their desktops,” states Teske. “The information users are looking for needs to be only a few clicks away.”

The report is issued by Zendesk, a leading global provider of software that enables improved customer service. It records customer satisfaction and service trends on a quarterly basis by anonymously evaluating the interaction between 16,000 companies worldwide and their customers. The complete report for the second quarter of 2013 is available for download at: www.zendesk.com/resources/customer-service-benchmark

About the Zendesk Benchmark Report

The Zendesk Benchmark Report is based on the customer service and interaction between 16,000 participating companies and its customers in 125 countries. Since the report was launched in March 2012, companies have been able to measure themselves against others in their own and in other industries. The report tracks the most important key performance indicators associated with support efficiency, self-service offerings and customer relationships. Customer satisfaction is based on the percentage of positive responses to the question whether or not a customer was satisfied with the customer service interaction. For a country to be included in the report, at least 10,000 responses must be available for evaluation.

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a leading provider of cloud-based customer service software. For growing organizations, Zendesk is the fastest way to enable great customer service. More than 30,000 organizations of all sizes trust Zendesk with their most valuable asset: customers, partners and employees – including Groupon (Germany), Jenoptik and Disney. Zendesk was founded in 2007 and is funded by Charles River Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Goldman Sachs, GGV Capital, Index Ventures, Matrix Partners and Redpoint. Learn more at www.zendesk.com.

This is a translation of a press release originally issued in German.