Work better: 6 great new Zendesk integrations

Published November 13, 2013
Last modified November 13, 2013

We’re back! In addition to our integration with Totango that was recently launched, we have another 6 wonderful products that are joining our arsenal of tools for mowing down tickets.

Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing tool specifically geared towards helping small businesses succeed.  The Infusionsoft for Zendesk app gives your support team the ability to view key information from Infusionsoft about your customer while working on Zendesk tickets and even lets you apply Infusionsoft tags directly from Zendesk.

Transfluent offers a wonderful translation service to help you better support your international customers.  When viewing Zendesk tickets, automatically use Transfluent’s machine based translation to view all comments in a ticket in your native language.  You can request a real time translation via a live person for a ticket comment or even a reply you want to send.

TRIBES is a great product that helps you manage your vast social presence. TRIBES will analyze your social channels for more than just keywords; it uses Natural Language Processing to identify conversations that are relevant to support and automatically converts them to tickets in Zendesk for your team to follow up with.

Centrastage is a SaaS based IT management tool that provides you with complete visibility and control of all of your company assets, including computers, servers, and smartphones.  When viewing Zendesk tickets, look up what assets might be related to the ticket requester and even initiate a remote control session to help solve your customer’s issues.

Automaticly provides customer intelligence and recommendations on how to respond to queries you receive, straight from a Zendesk ticket. Automaticly will derive context from a submitted Zendesk ticket and provide you with recommendations based off past responses on how you might want to respond to the ticket. The more Automaticly is used, the smarter it gets in identifying the proper responses.

CloudSET is a set of tools put together by our good friends over at Coherence Design that helps extend the features of the Zendesk platform. CloudSET is a variety of tools that include features such as enhanced SLA setup within Zendesk, easy to use sub-tasks features, and even conditional custom fields for all plan levels in Zendesk.

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