Why retailers are buzzing about “omnichannel”

Published June 20, 2013
Last modified June 20, 2013

Shoppers today have a lot of choices: there are more ways than ever to find and explore products. The reality is that a lot of us use a mix of online and offline activities as we shop. Many of us stand in the aisle of a store engrossed in our smartphone looking up product information or comparing prices.

But the experience with a given retailer as we switch between devices and between the Web and the real world is frequently not very seamless. It can feel like we’re dealing with completely different companies— and it’s rare that we’re “recognized” as the same person across all the interactions.

And that’s why retailers are getting serious about omnichannel —integrating and improving all those experiences to win more customer loyalty. Our latest infographic looks at companies’ renewed focus on customer retention and the investments retailers are making in omnichannel and the customer experience to boost repeat business.

Let's stay together: companies focus on customer retention

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