Tip of the week: measuring search effectiveness in Help Center

Published March 10, 2014
Last modified March 10, 2014

Continuing our series on best practices for Help Center managers, this week we’re looking at using Google Analytics to measure search. Search can be a love-hate relationship. We all love to search as our first course of action when we don’t know something. But that love can quickly turn to hate when we’re not getting the answers we want.

The latest tip of the week guides you through using Google Analytics to deliver the best search experience for your customers. Using the insights you can gather from Google Analytics, you can answer questions like “do my customers find answers using search?” and “are the answers useful?”.

You can then take action to improve the self-service experience in your Help Center. Perhaps customers aren’t using search as much as you’d expect, so you could put a greater focus on the search bar in your Help Center theme. Or if your customers aren’t finding an answer to their question, then that’s a signal that it’s time to fill in the gaps and create some more content. The end result is happier customers that have been able to help themselves and fewer questions for your support team to answer.

Head to the forums to read the latest tip of the week, and stay tuned for more Help Center best practices.