Tip of the week: Installing and using the Out of Office app

Published March 9, 2015
Last modified March 9, 2015

The Out of Office app is the first product developed by the Support Engineering team at Zendesk. It’s a tool for managing the availability of an agent and ensuring that tickets assigned to unavailable agents are properly handled if updated by a customer.

What’s great about this app, aside from the fact that it was inspired by feedback from the Zendesk community, is that:

  • Every agent and admin can manage their own status
  • Admins can manage their agents’ out of office statuses
  • If a ticket is updated by someone other than the agent while out of office, then that ticket gets reassigned to its parent group
  • There’s an option for all Open tickets to be unassigned at once, back to the parent group(s), either by agents marking themselves as unavailable or by an admin on their behalf

This tip of the week covers how to install, use, and extend the app.

Please note that this app is available on Zendesk Labs, which are experimental apps that are provided as-is, with no support.

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