What’s new in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace

By Eric Shen

Published August 29, 2016
Last modified August 29, 2016

This August we added 13 apps and integrations to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. Together, these new Zendesk apps bring a variety of functionality into your Zendesk including a few new ways to share customer information between your support and sales, success or product teams.

A number of these tools will also help save time and boost productivity—whether by backing up Help Center content at the click of a button, automatically marking tickets for deletion or recovery, cloning tickets, or even creating a new Slack channel from within a Zendesk ticket. But that's not all—read on for more.

Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform that helps businesses understand how users behave in and use their products by tracking actions taken rather than page views. The Mixpanel app for Zendesk enables your support agents to close tickets faster by supplying them with key information about customers in the ticket sidebar including campaign history, browser details, activity history, and more.

NetSuite RMA
The NetSuite RMA App is brought to us by Cazoomi. It allows you to quickly view your NetSuite Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) for your existing NetSuite customers and create new NetSuite RMAs from any NetSuite Sales Order, right in Zendesk. The app also shows the last five orders so you have a complete picture of your customer.

Base CRM
Base CRM is an all-in-one sales platform. Salespeople use Base to win more deals faster, and sales leaders use it to gain powerful insights into the sales pipeline. The Base and Zendesk integration brings your sales and support teams closer to your customers by providing easy access to the customer's complete support history within the activity feed of every contact card, including case status and a record of who worked on the case. If a contact has a currently active deal, any open tickets will be visible in a “Tickets” box to the right of the activity feed.

CloudSET Conditionality
The CloudSET Conditionality app controls the visibility of custom ticket, user, and organization fields and/or values within a custom field, depending upon the value selected on another field (custom, system, brand, forms, or group) in your Zendesk tickets. This extended business logic can be applied to both the agent and end-user interface. Conditionality is also implemented on the Zendesk Help Center to bring the same form setup to your "Submit a Request" page.

Support Cloud Cloud for Zendesk places the guidance agents need to resolve support tickets right in front of them. It's automatically tailored to each customer based on the support ticket information and customer and product data you already have on record, providing contextual data that helps agents close tickets more efficiently.

ScreenConnect Remote Support
ScreenConnect provides IT professionals with a quick, secure, and powerful way to remotely support clients and end users. The ScreenConnect Remote Support app for Zendesk allows you to create and join ScreenConnect support sessions from the Zendesk ticket sidebar. After creating a session, the app presents a host join button and a guest join URL to the Zendesk agent that can be easily added to the ticket comment. When the session ends, creenConnect updates the ticket with an internal note containing summary information. The summary information can be configured to include the session chat transcript, event history, connection event history, note history, and session capture download information.

Receptive helps SaaS companies collect, prioritize, and manage feature requests from customers and internal teams. It dissects feature requests by customer profile and value, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that save time, increase revenue, and reduce churn. This integration allows your support team to easily create, link, and track Receptive feature requests from inside Zendesk. The requests created in Zendesk can be linked to the requester so your customers stay in the loop, with no additional input or tracking required from support.

kBackup is a lightweight backup tool for your Help Center content. With no installation required, using kBackup is as easy as 1-2-3. Enter your Zendesk details, hit the Backup button and watch as your Help Center content finds its way into your selected backup folder. Just note that this app is only available for Windows-based PCs and laptops.

Shredder is a handy tool that helps you manage your suspended ticket queue. Build automation rules that work like Zendesk's triggers so that you can automatically mark tickets for deletion or recovery. When you've processed the bulk of your tickets, you can manually deal with the remainder and find new patterns for your automation rules. Once you have set up your rules, processing suspended tickets will be a breeze.

The Clone app does exactly what it sounds like—clone existing tickets so that you can track separate issues, or tickets that have been closed, in order to correct ticket details. The Clone app maintains all comments, ticket creation and solve dates, and data from ticket fields when creating a clone.

Natero helps SaaS businesses place actionable insights directly in the hands of customer success teams. Natero's combination of predictive analytics and business rules enable customer success managers to increase customer retention and identify accounts that are ripe for expansion. The Natero and Zendesk integration allows customer success managers to view, analyze, and track support tickets related to their accounts. Natero leverages this data to generate customer health scores and trigger alerts that enable organizations to manage customer success proactively.

55PBX Pabx Virtual
55PBX is a complete solution for all of your phone needs. This integration brings CTI integration to your 55PBX system and gives you access to built-in call controls within Zendesk, automated user/ticket creation on inbound/outbound calls, and automatic call recordings.

Interbot gives you the ability to create a Slack channel while working on a ticket. Use this app to invite others from your company to help collaborate on an issue. Each ticket is tied to its own Slack channel so that you and your team can have real-time discussions to crack those tough tickets.

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