Introducing Business Hours, Extended Metrics, and Zendesk for Twitter Updates

Published February 3, 2011
Last modified February 3, 2011

If you want to be great at something, you must be able to measure it well. At Zendesk we are deep believers in measuring the effectiveness of the customer support that you provide. That's why our Plus+ customers can now benefit from enhanced ticket metrics and the ability to configure business hours for their help desk.  New metrics such as group and assignee stations, reopens, and replies will allow you to create a laser focus on improving various aspects of your support operation. Additionally, configuring business hours for your help desk will let you measure common operational and service level metrics, such as first reply time, first and full resolution time, together with agent and requester wait time – in both calendar and in business hours. As a result, you are now able to set up SLAs in business hours as well.  You are also able to use business hours in triggers, views, automations and in reports that are available to you within Zendesk. Also, if you take advantage of our integration with GoodData, you will now be able to surface these enhanced metrics in your GoodData dashboards and reports.

Twitter Updates

In today's social world, feedback lost is almost always damaging to your brand. Often organizations are left with two choices: Catch it if you can and do something about it, or stand back and do nothing and watch as your competitors get the upper hand.

I recently caught up with John Ragsdale, vice president of technology research at TSIA, the Technology Services Industry Association. TSIA is an awesome think tank for best practices on using technology for customer support. Ragsdale's recent research revealed that among B2B companies, social media currently represents approximately 4.7% of support interactions. He says that number should grow to roughly 7.7% in 2011. More aggressive numbers are found with B2C businesses with social media representing approximately 8.7% of current customer interactions and that number is estimated to grow to 14.1% in 2011. One thing is clear: Social media as a channel is likely to be the fastest growing medium for interacting with customers regardless of an organization's industry or size.

Careful though, those numbers don't even begin to capture all social media interactions. For hyper-growth online businesses social media feedback could easily amount to more than 90% of all customer interactions. If only there was a way to capture it!

One of the greatest pain points for businesses today is making social media truly business relevant and feeding the needed online customer conversations into a formal support process is definitely one of the challenges. This process isn't always possible, usually because your existing support staff is already at capacity with incoming requests from channels that you already support.

That's why we are consistently enhancing our Zendesk for Twitter integration to make it simpler and easier for support professionals to capture and respond to customer feedback online. Our newest enhancements allow you to automatically convert social media feedback into Zendesk tickets. The newest release also allows you to get instant notifications when new relevant tweets arrive.

This approach allows your support agents to focus on tickets that are being automatically directed to their queue from social media channels. This is a great way to incorporate feedback into your existing support process from social media channels such as Twitter, without the need to constantly monitor your streams. Combined with in-app notifications of new tweets related to saved searches that you configure in Zendesk, these new enhancements will help your organization to be more proactive on social channels, and they will help you show your entire online community that you truly care.

These new tools will undoubtedly bring more love to your help desk!