Future-proof your company by focusing on the customer experience

Future-proof your company by focusing on the customer experience

September 19, 2016
Future-proof your company by focusing on the customer experience

A carefully considered customer experience is no longer the sole responsibility of support agents. Instead, the customer experience has evolved into a crucial part of any company’s overall business strategy. According to IDC, a customer-centric focus needs to be a company-wide effort, starting from the top of the organization.

Research conducted for IDC’s 2015 “Experiences Survey” sought to learn how much visibility customer experience had within organizations that had established customer experience strategies and practices. Findings revealed 26.1 percent of respondents indicated that customer experience is a strategic goal led by the CEO while 46.2 percent indicated that it was a strategic goal led by the senior executives.

In addition to executive visibility and a customer-centric culture, the most successful organizations were supported by integrated internal systems and by recognizing that the employee experience is key to the customer experience.

Medidata Solutions was cited as one example of a company that has “reorganized around the customer and is moving toward an effortless customer experience” by adopting a single integrated platform (we’ll admit, Zendesk) for all customer tickets. Now that they’re no longer collecting tickets in multiple systems, Medidata is able to gauge whether customers had a high- or low-effort experience and have seen increases in customer satisfaction.

Taken together, when leadership is driving the importance of a customer-centric culture and enabling employees to foster better customer relationships, companies are increasing ROI through customer retention and employee motivation.

To read all IDC’s case studies and findings, download your copy of the report, IDC: Supporting Customer Experience Initiatives Through Productivity and Process

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