Extend your Zendesk with new apps and integrations

By Daniel Pawluk

Published September 26, 2016
Last modified September 26, 2016

The Zendesk Apps Marketplace got a fresh new look in early September. Move between the Marketplace and App Directory depending on whether you prefer to browse our latest featured apps and integrations, or go straight for the list of 490 (and counting!) apps. Either way, you can easily view app ratings from both locations. Search also got a super boost so that you’ll see lightning fast results. Along with the redesign, we added a host of powerful tools this month to help foster better customer relationships—including a fun new app that lets agents translate their text into pirate speak: Arrr, mateys, treasures abound, read on if ye dare.

ChannelReply Lite
ChannelReply Lite is a simple, free solution that allows you to manage your Amazon and eBay messages in Zendesk. Receive and reply to threaded messages from a ticket view. Multiple agents can even answer eBay messages at the same time—say goodbye to being stuck with a single login.

Trustpilot Reviews
Trustpilot Reviews gives you the full power of Zendesk to manage reviews. You can assign or escalate a ticket, leave internal notes, see which agent has responded, and even see previous versions of the review if the consumer made updates or changes to it on Trustpilot. Reply from Zendesk and leverage macros, without ever switching between tools.

OneReach - Contact Data Connector
The OneReach Communication Studio product allows people of varying technical ability to create highly integrated communication workflows through a drag-and-drop interface. One of the elements you can drag-and-drop is a Data Source that allows you to make an API call to any open system. In this case, you can use the OneReach Data Source tool to query your Zendesk account based on the phone number of the person you are communicating with, and to pass their End User ID to Zendesk to ascertain if they have a support ticket, what the priority is, and so on.

Callbar is Talkdesk’s new phone application for users of the Zendesk-Talkdesk integration. This lightweight app incorporates comprehensive calling functionality into Zendesk. With Callbar, agents are able to make and receive calls from anywhere on the browser, eliminating the need to search multiple tabs to locate a dial pad, ensuring that you never risk losing sight of an important call.

Pirate Translator
Pirate Translator helps yer agents to talk like a pirate. (Because, you know, pirates.) If for no other reason, use this each September 19 for International Talk Like a Pirate day. This app is otherwise not suitable for landlubbers 'n scallywags, just fer Zendesk-authorized pirates…

Brushfire users can install this app to search across Brushfire for attendees, orders, groups, or customer accounts that match the email address of the Zendesk ticket requestor in a single click.

Ticket Translator
Ticket Translator by Translation Cloud provides fast translation, provided entirely through their back-end system, eliminating the need to upload a source file, download or import a translation, or view or copy translations from a third-party system. With this integration, translations of comments by end-users are submitted as internal notes so that only you and your qualified agents can view them. Translations of agent replies are submitted as public notes so the original user can read and comprehend their responses. Ticket Translator can support hundreds of languages and can also supply on-demand human translation by professional translators.

Planhat helps your support agents identify key users, get churn and up-sale alerts, and understand key subscription data such as the MRR value, renewal dates, and more associated with accounts. Planhat’s 360-view of your customers’ health scores, billing status, tickets and more provide insight that will equip your agents to provide a personalized and tailored support experience.

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