Zendesk on Zendesk: Escalating tickets to developers

By Joseph Oliver

Published November 30, 2015
Last modified November 30, 2015

Escalating tickets to developers is an important step for finding bugs or errors in our system and, within Zendesk, there are a few specific steps our advocates take to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Zendesk on Zendesk series: a day-long discussion focused on our ticket escalation process.

In today’s discussion, we’ll cover the below topics and more:

  • How we use key ticket fields to drive escalation
  • Internal guidelines and checklists for escalating tickets
  • Best practices for communicating issue details with the development team

Head over to the forums for more details and tips, and to share your escalation process

This discussion continues in our Zendesk on Zendesk series: a monthly discussion in our forums about a specific topic. Hosted by a member of the Zendesk Customer Support team, each day-long discussion will include Zendesk-posted content as well as tips and ideas from our customer community.