Customer service cover letter samples— everything you need to know

A solid customer service cover letter can help you get a great new job. Check out these customer service cover letter examples to start your journey toward a role as a customer service representative.

By Mark Smith, Content marketing manager

Published March 12, 2014
Last updated May 5, 2022

It is becoming increasingly common for hiring managers to focus less on cover letters and more on resumes. However, while resumes are extremely important, they don’t provide much in the way of context. When executed properly, a cover letter provides the contextual background that resumes usually lack. There are a few key steps to follow when writing a strong customer service cover letter.

What to include in a customer service cover letter

The cover letter should compliment your resume and captivate the hiring manager—show how you’re perfect for the role as a customer service representative. It’s important to closely analyze the job description and demonstrate how your past experiences are related to the requirements on the job post.

Before we get to what a sample cover letter can look like, here are a few customer service cover letter tips:

  1. Address your hiring manager. Ideally, you’ll start your cover letter by addressing the customer service manager by their name—that makes your letter more personable. If you don’t have that information, try using something like “Dear [company name] recruiting manager”.
  2. Make an elevator pitch. Right at the beginning of your cover letter, explain in a few sentences how you fit the position, why you’re excited to join the company, and how this position matches your career goals. Also make sure to show excitement about this role. Think about it from the hiring manager’s perspective— lukewarm candidates who are just looking for a job are less likely to stand out.
  3. Emphasize your soft and hard skills. Every job requires a range of skills. Customer service jobs are no exception. This is why it’s important to show you’re a well-rounded candidate. Describe how your past experiences evidenced your soft skills, such as your ability to problem solve and collaborate with others. Also give examples of your hard skills, such as experience with specific customer service software such as the Zendesk Suite.
  4. Tell a story. Your cover letter shouldn’t just repeat what’s in your resume. Use this opportunity to describe one of your call center success stories as a customer service agent. Pick a certain project or experience where you demonstrated specific skills mentioned in the job description. Cover letters are a great opportunity to showcase your passion and get the hiring manager to know you better as an individual.
  5. Use data. Whenever possible, it’s best to use quantifiable data to support your story. For example, if you performed particularly well in a previous customer service position, make sure you’re using data to showcase how many cases you quickly resolved, or your overall satisfaction score.
  6. Spell check. A cover letter should reflect your drive as a candidate. Attention to detail is a core skill for any job, and ensuring your cover letter is error-free is a must. Use applications like Grammarly to double check your spelling and grammar.
  7. Say thank you. Always close by thanking the hiring manager for their time and consideration. This is also a good opportunity to summarize your interest in working as a customer service representative and your commitment to the next stages of the hiring process.

Customer service cover letter samples:

Sample 1:

[Your Name]

123 Main St, San Francisco, CA – (xxx) xxx-xxxx – [your email address]

[Company address]

Dear [hiring manager or company name],

In today’s world, companies know that strong, personalized customer service is key for business growth. In my [x] years of experience in customer service, I’ve always strived to deliver proactive, individualized, and timely support, making customers consistently feel cared for. I understand that propelling a company’s mission through every customer interaction is key to fostering long-term loyalty— and that’s exactly what I’ll do as a [position you’re applying for]. I aspire to be [describe your future career goals], and the experience I will gain as a [position you’re applying for] at [company you’re applying for] will give me the opportunity to develop those skills and set me up for long-term success in the service industry.

As a [your previous position] at [employer’s name], I’ve gained extensive experience across several facets of customer service. During my time as a call center agent, I used [software name] to pull up customer context to deliver more personalized support without requiring customers to repeat themselves. I’ve also demonstrated strong results through my work, by [include stats that demonstrate your success]. Among my peers, I’m known as an approachable, personable, patient and driven agent. I always strive to improve my skills, learn on the job, and deliver enjoyable customer experiences. I’m also a natural helper who never shies away from working with my peers to deliver strong results.

I am looking forward to discussing my qualifications with you. Please let me know if I should provide any additional information. I’d like to thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

[Your name]

Sample 2:

[Your name]
[Your address]
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
[Your email address]

[Hiring Manager’s name or company name]
[Company Address]

Dear [Hiring Manager or company name],

I am extremely interested in the [position title] at [company name]. My previous experience in [your previous role] paired with my passion for [what makes you excited about the job] make me an ideal candidate for this position. This role also perfectly aligns with my future career goals, where I plan to [describe your future career goals and why this position is a good fit].

I have [x] years of experience in customer service, including [specific experience relevant to the job] at [company name]. In this role, I [describe previous responsibilities], which resulted in [include data to show the results of your work]. [Add any other relevant career experiences, using data to support your story whenever possible].

I look forward to discussing how my past experiences in customer service will be an asset to [company name]. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and how my background fits your firm’s needs. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your name]

Sample 3:

[Your name]
[Phone number]

[Hiring Manager or Company Name]
[Company address]


Dear [Hiring Manager or company name],

I saw your job posting on [platform] and immediately had to apply. Just like [company name], I too, share the mission to build lasting relationships with customers by delivering personalized and proactive customer service. In my experience in the service industry, I’ve always aimed to be resourceful and efficient by creating seamless experiences for my customers. I’m known as a results-driven, empathetic character who respects customers’ time, striving to deliver thorough solutions through every interaction. I aspire to become a leader in customer service, and I see my position as a [position you’re applying for] at [company you’re applying for] as a cornerstone in my career path.

I’ve worked for [x] years in customer service, and I always go above and beyond my job’s requirements. As a [previous position] at [previous employer], I helped design a new sales strategy to seamlessly upsell customers and consistently deliver value. In [x amount of time], our company saw a [x] increase in customer satisfaction after this strategy was implemented. I was responsible for leading service agent training and gained a reputation for being a positive and empathetic team-player. As a training specialist, I taught agents how to be careful and patient listeners. I also ensured they had extensive knowledge of our product and services, paired with a solid set of clerical skills across a range of platforms, including Microsoft Excel and Zendesk Suite.

I’d really appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my skills in customer service at [company name]. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you, and would like to thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

Best wishes,
[Your name]

Feel free to tailor a cover letter template to your needs—a cover letter sample might work for one job hunter and not . Browse through multiple cover letter samples to get a better idea of what might work best for you.

Strong cover letters land jobs

While having a thorough resume that clearly describes your core skills is extremely important, a customer service cover letter is your chance to show off your personality and pitch your potential to the hiring manager. After choosing a cover letter example to emulate, what is the next step toward getting that job as a customer service rep? Get ready to crush your interview.

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