Tip of the week: Use Curlybars to add images to the Humble Squid category boxes

Published December 15, 2015
Last modified December 15, 2015

To add images to your Help Center, specifically in the Humble Squid category boxes, you used to have to use javascript. Not anymore. With Curlybars we are able to add the images to the categories natively.

This tip of the week explains how to use Curlybars to add images. By following this process, customizations are less susceptible to errors—like Javascript code breaking or the customer not having the right plugins enabled. Additionally, with Curlybars, if you decide to rearrange your categories, the image applied to a specific category will move too.

In this tip of the week on Curlybars, we cover:

  • The default code
  • Identifying each category
  • Adding the images
  • Adding custom links to the categories

Head to the forums to see the step-by-step explanation of this tip of the week

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