A few tips

Published November 5, 2007
Last modified November 5, 2007

Take an end-user position

Have you wondered what the self-service support portal and the ticket-interface looks like for a regular end-user. See for yourself. Choose MANAGE / Users and create an end-user. Select that user and click either "Assume" in the list view, or "Temporarily login as Username" on the profile-page. Now you are that user and you see everything from that user's perspective. When done, simply click "revert identity" in the top-right corner.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can create a new ticket by hitting Alt+N (Ctrl+N on Mac). It opens the New ticket page in the current window. Alt+M (Ctrl+M on Mac) opens the same page in a new window/tab. Handy.

First impressions last

Don't confuse your end-users more than necessary. Personalize the content of the sign-up page and the verification e-mail, explaining what this new service is all about. Go to ACCOUNT / User population. And add a couple of welcoming notices to the blog too.

Brand your e-mails

Now you have the option to get your message out even stronger. Brand your e-mails with your own colors, design and logo. Go to ACCOUNT / Mail and domains and exploit your HTML skills (only available for Medium plans and up). Don't forget that e-mail address domain mapping is available (all plans) so that you don't need to use the address but can use an address in your own domain. XL plan subscribers can also map the account address ( to a local domain e.g.